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• Patient demographic downloads electronically from hospitals
(turnaround time from services to claim submission 48 – 72 hours)

• Electronic claims submission
(claims submitted daily)

• Easy to read laser printed patient statements
(statements submitted daily)

• Address correction service
(bad address does not have to mean “collections account”)

• Timely follow-up of unpaid claims / statements
(contact is made for all outstanding accounts)

• Appeals of unacceptable / non-contractual payments
(systems in place to manage reimbursements)


• Experienced E.D. coders
(coders specialize in E.D. services)

• Coding compliance
(review of CMS coding by three national E.D. coding companies)

• Annual coding review
(in-service offered on behalf of all CMS clients)

• Proprietary software
(flexibility and ability to change are both guaranteed)

• Full service IT partner
(zero downtime guaranteed)

• Dell™ servers
(reliability / downtime guaranteed)

• High speed imaging in-house
(hard copy documents digitally archived)

• HIPAA compliant file uploads / downloads for CMS clients
(send data at your convenience)

• Highly acclaimed custom reporting
(simple, timely, color monthly management reports)

• Compilation of data regarding fees, RVU, etc.
(full practice analysis provided)

• Completion of all provider enrollment applications
(timely, complete, error free process)

• Assistance with payer contract negotiations
(in-person meetings with payers / data analysis)

Member of EDPMA Member of HBMA Memeber of TAFEC

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