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Corporate Medical Systems, Inc. (CMS) is a Texas corporation, which has been providing high quality medical billing services since 1987. CMS was founded by brothers Scott and Steve Wolford, who continue to play very active roles in providing client services.

CMS was formed, and continues to operate, under the premise that Texas medical providers have a need for a professional billing service. Our belief has held true and we have earned a reputation for our performance and diligence serving Texas medical providers.

After serving many different medical specialties for ten (10) years, CMS owners decided to specialize in serving Emergency Medicine physicians. Therefore, the last sixteen (16) years have been spent refining our services to best meet the needs of the Texas E.D. physician, solely. Although considered a bold move at the time, this decision has proven to be mutually beneficial to both CMS and our E.D. clients.

The medical billing industry continues to become more complicated each and every day. The normal evolution is that increased complication equates to increased costs associated with doing business. Therefore, there will be increased pressure by business owners to “cut corners” in order to make ends meet. The owners of CMS are committed to upholding the highest standards, principles, and morals in all of our dealings, at any cost.
Member of EDPMA Member of HBMA Memeber of TAFEC

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